IBM Informix Round-Up : February 2013

A Message from your Informix Marketing Team

Welcome to the February edition of the “Informix Round-Up” newsletter.  The newsletter is designed to keep you up to date on all of the latest Informix news. We are excited about new information on IBM Informix that will be announced shortly.

We hope that you have already registered for the upcoming webcast scheduled for the 26th of March. If you haven’t, you may register here.

The 2013 Informix IIUG conference is around the corner and you can now have a look at some of the sessions that will be covered. If you have not already registered for the conference, you can do so by clicking here. We hope to see you at the 2013 IIUG Informix Conference on April 21-25th in San Diego.

Highlight of the month

The New IBM Informix :  Simply Powerful

Do you want to know about the newest release of IBM Informix? Join the webcast on March 26, 2013 at 10:00 AM PST with Jerry Keesee, Director of Informix Database Development, IBM, John Miller, Lead Architect, Informix, IBM, and guest speaker Chad Gates, Development Manager, Pronto Software Limited to hear why the new Informix is ‘Simply Powerful’. Register for the webcast today. And we also request you to take a look at the teaser video, “The New IBM Informix: Simply Powerful” that invites viewers to our webcast on March 26th. Watch the teaser video and share it in your community.

Winning with Informix

  • Camden Council: Reducing heating bills by 30 percent with Hildebrand and IBM Informix TimeSeries software : A heat metering system, based on IBM® Informix® TimeSeries provides feedback on heat usage and other information to encourage residents to adopt more energy-efficient practices. This has resulted in reducing heating bills by 30 percent with Hildebrand and IBM Informix TimeSeries software. Read the complete case study today.
  • The German Aerospace Center (DLR) : Providing efficient access to Germany’s 2-PB archive of Earth observation images with IBM Informix: With IBM Informix, Germany’s Aerospace Center was able to meet its need for a highly reliable, scalable and efficient database solution, enabling access to 2 PB of image data without any data loss– all with less than a full time employee to administer the system. Read the complete case study today. 

Marketing Tools

IBM Data Magazine

  • Are your database backups safe? Lester Knutsen (IBM Champion) writes about database back up safety using ‘archecker’. Read the complete article to find out how to ensure your database backups work properly.


Partner Programs

  • Attention IBM Information Management (IM) Business Partner Community!: Take the new Community Challenge and win a free opportunity to advertise your company, a $4000 US value. IBM wants to hear how IM Business Partners are using the Business Partner Community. Two winners will be awarded professionally written articles in the IBM Data Magazine. One partner will win for the best testimonial demonstrating how the community has helped them and the business value it has provided, and another partner for the highest number of partner profiles in the community. Get started NOW:
  1. Go to the community and complete a profile
  2. Send the community link to your peers – ask them to complete a profile
  3. Send us your comments about the community:
  • New Software Value Incentive (SVI) Reward for Business Partners: Make sure to find out how to qualify for a Software Value Incentive (SVI) bonus for IBM passed leads. To do so, simply close an IBM passed lead, complete the SVI claim process and be approved for payment. Following that process, you will then receive the SVI bonus for IBM passed leads for that opportunity.  In addition, Business Partners can also earn up to 1 percent in fees when clients finance their solution through IBM Global Financing. To know more about this exciting offer, click here.
  • IBM Co-Marketing Program for Business Partner: The IBM Co-Marketing Center contains a wealth of free assets for Business Partners to execute a marketing campaign.  The Ready-to-Execute campaigns available in the Co-Marketing center are true to their name and they really contain everything a Business Partner needs to execute a marketing tactic. Through Co-Marketing and the Co-Marketing Center, IBM wants to help our Business Partners build a strong pipeline of opportunities. For more information, click here.
  • IBM Information Management Marketing Best Practices for 2013: This is a presentation that will help Business Partners build an effective marketing plan for 2013, and also jump-start their 2013 sales pipeline with a marketing plan that includes a combination of these best practices. The examples are real, and the best practices were selected based on revenue generation from partners in 2012. Get access to this presentation here.
  • Update your Company or Employee Profile in the PartnerWorld Profiling System for 2013: Keeping your PartnerWorld Profile up-to-date is key for optimizing your relationship with IBM. Your PartnerWorld Profile affects your access to certain web content, eligibility for passed leads from IBM, email settings, visibility in the IBM Business Partner Locator, and more. Please make sure you update your profile for 2013 in order to ensure that your experience is optimized based on your most current company and employee information. For more information click here.

Informix Resources

Business Partner Resources

Business Partner Programs

Education Opportunities

Informix communities

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Informix Bloggers

This Newsletter is produced by :
Louis T. Cherian
Product Marketing Manager, IBM Informix


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